Caucus Venues

The Cowlitz County Republican Party is holding its precinct caucuses on the 20th of February.

All venues will open by 9:30 AM, and the target time to bring the caucus to order is 10:30 AM, after credentialing is done.  It is expected the caucus formal activity should take no more than one hour.

You can click here to go directly to the table that gives the location of each individual precinct caucus.

Click here to find your caucus location.

Read further to learn more about the changes from prior caucuses.


In the past, the precinct caucuses were held in a “pooled” format in one location.  For 2016, your Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) voted to hold individual caucuses, with the intent of making the caucus experience more inviting and more efficient.  Here are some of the aspects to this choice:

  1. Each precinct handles its own credentialing (the verifying and signing in of the voters).  Instead of long lines due to a pooled credentialing, the much smaller lines at each precinct will move quickly.

  2. The function of the precinct caucus is to elect delegates for the County Convention (to be held on the 12th of March at the Cowlitz County Event Center), so each precinct can conduct its business on its own time table.

  3. Precinct caucus locations have been selected to be more convenient for the precincts.  So, a voter from a precinct at one end of the county likely will be close to the precinct venue.

  4. The pooled caucus of the past was uncomfortably loud, making it difficult to conduct business properly.  Although the precinct caucuses share a venue, there are a total of nine venues, making the process much quieter and certainly more intimate and less time consuming for the voter.